About us

The Clos des Senteurs began in 2009
Following numerous customer requests we decided to create our brand to help you find the quality of manufacture that many of you enjoy.
For those who do not know us yet , we strive to provide you with products of very high quality which let you to embalm your home.
Our products are manufactured in France and all our fragrances from the south of France.
We take great care to develop candles that fully release their scent. You will find scents that many of you appreciate like caramel milk, but also floral and exotic scents
Our essential oils and our perfume concentrates receive the same attention for your pleasure.
We are constantly working to bring you new products and offer new scents adapted to market trends.
All our production is made with traditional methods and we are very careful to respect the environmental framework for sticking as close to the needs of ecology.